Scuba diving Arches. Dive sites with Arches

Scuba diving Arches. Dive sites with Arches

Scuba diving The upwardly curved construction have been attracting divers for the longest time. Not only because they are a rare find but also because it concentrates a rich marine life. If you're planning a dive through an arch, don't forget to grab a torch to better explore a resilient fauna and flora sheltered from direct sunlight - from sponges, and soft coral to small fishes hiding from predators. Predators such as snapper and sharks could well be present too, but because of their shy nature and the noise that our bubbles make, they are not commonly seen – unless diving in a marine reserve where snapper become tame! Arches dive sites | Scuba diving sites with a Arches dive sites

Punta Cascante

"Punta Cascante" - Arches, Night dive - Canary Islands, La Gomera, Spain

There is a tunnel through the center of the reef which can be adventurous for experienced divers.

La Catedral

"La Catedral" - Arches, Cave, Wall - Canary Islands, Gran Canaria, Spain

Spectacular diving spot for experienced divers. Explore a breathtaking 30m high structure with caves, arches, and rich marine life.