Hin Daeng (Red Rock)

Drift Dive, Sharks, Wall - Thailand

  • Access: From Boat
  • Depth: 25m (max 50m)
  • Visibility: 10m (max 40m)
  • Diver level: Advanced

Hin Daeng offers divers a large variety of dives in one site. More suitable for advanced divers.

The area lies to the south of Phuket in the southern Andaman Sea and within Thailand’s Mu Koh Lanta National Marine Park. Currents can be strong but the dive offers plenty of shelter.
Hin Daeng is very popular dive site because of the opportunity to see here manta rays and sharks. The Hin Muang’s sister dive site, it got its name because of large amount of red soft corals topping this large rock that can be seen throughout the dive. Hin Daeng is a huge pinnacle that rises from the ocean floor at a depth of approximately 50m/164ft.
With walls, canyons, gentle and steep sloping reefs, pinnacles, and thousands of tiny holes where many wonderful small and varied creatures reside, it has something for every diver to welcome. Between the months of November and May, Manta Rays are often found around here and you might even come eye-to-eye with the gentle giant, the Whale Shark, which is spotted several times a year at this site.
On the eastern side where the slope is more gentle, two long ridges descend into the blueness and if the currents are favorable it is possible to swim along these ridges down to 40m or more. Here the soft coral becomes more lush and tall, and huge schools of jacks sweep past the ridge, surrounding the diver with a shimmering wall of silver. Ascending to the shallows we see needle fish (longtoms) skip along the surface. Barracudas stalk their prey through the clear water.
The best time to explore the dive site is from the 15th of October Until 15th of May (National Park). Average water temperature is 28C/82F.