143 Divesites in Indonesia

Dive: reef, nightdive, wall, drift, wreck, cave, muck, snorkeling, shipwreck, artificially in Indonesia.
See: Fishes, Corals, Turtles, Sharks, Shrimps, Crabs, Rays, Octopus, Barracuda, Lobsters, Seahorse, Parrotfish, Snakes, Tuna, Worms, Ribbon eel, Jellyfish, Seals, Squids, Sea cucumber, Eels, Dolphins in Indonesia.

Indonesia holds the richest aquatic life diversity in the world. There are calm seas for those willing to discover scuba diving and rip-roaring currents for fun drift diving and technical diving.

Divecenters in Indonesia
  • 117 reef divesites in Indonesia
  • 36 nightdive divesites in Indonesia
  • 34 wall divesites in Indonesia
  • 32 drift divesites in Indonesia
  • 12 wreck divesites in Indonesia
  • 10 cave divesites in Indonesia
  • 8 muck divesites in Indonesia
  • 3 snorkeling divesites in Indonesia
  • 3 shipwreck divesites in Indonesia
  • 1 artificially divesites in Indonesia

Indonesia dive sites description

  • Dive site depths: 9m - 421m
  • Dive current: 1knots - 4knots
  • Surface temperature: ℃ - ℃
  • Water temperature: ℃ - ℃

Indonesia dive sites conditions & best time to dive Indonesia

Surface temperatureBottom temperatureVisibilityCurrent
January26 - 33℃20 - 30℃5 - 25 m0 - 3 knots
February24 - 32℃24 - 34℃5 - 25 m0 - 3 knots
March25 - 35℃23 - 30℃5 - 25 m0 - 3 knots
April26 - 40℃24 - 31℃5 - 25 m0 - 4 knots
May27 - 34℃22 - 30℃5 - 25 m0 - 4 knots
June25 - 35℃25 - 30℃5 - 25 m0 - 4 knots
July25 - 32℃24 - 30℃5 - 25 m0 - 4 knots
August24 - 35℃21 - 30℃5 - 25 m0 - 4 knots
September24 - 33℃16 - 30℃5 - 25 m0 - 4 knots
October24 - 35℃18 - 30℃5 - 25 m0 - 4 knots
November25 - 38℃23 - 30℃10 - 25 m0 - 3 knots
December26 - 32℃21 - 30℃5 - 25 m0 - 4 knots

Scuba dive Indonesia divesites

Rubiah North

Seraya Secret

Aer Perang 2

Nudi Falls

Molas Wreck

Bunaken Timur 2




Pink Beach

Cela Cela

Manta Alley

Bat Cave

Pengah Kecil

Secret Bay


Meno Slope


Limbo Gapang

Arus Balee

The Cauldron

Sachikos Point

Siaba Besar

The Canyon

Sea Garden

Kubu Wreck

Cape Kri


Pura Jepun

Han’s Reef

Bunaken Timur 1





Tulamben Reef

Crystal Rock

Tatawa Besar

Lekuan 2

Lekuan 3

Sunset Reef

Lekuan I

Muka Kampung

Batee Tokong



Sebayur – Kecil

Castle Rock

S.D. Point

Meno Wall

Halik Reef

Bounty Wreck

Batu Bolong

Blue Lagoon @Padang Bai

Shark Point @Gili Trawangan

Crystal Bay @Nusa Penida

Coral Garden @Tulamben

Tulamben Drop Off

The country at the core of the ocean’s heart has one of the longest coastlines in the world and it offers inexpensive diving sites with over 3000 species of fish (that’s two time more than what you can get at the Great Barrier Reef) and 600 coral species, steep walls, deep water trenches, wrecks, and a marvelous variety of macro life. At the majority of places, you will be able to spot majestic manta rays, Mola mola, tiny pygmy seahorses, reef sharks and a great variety of soft and hard corals.
Indonesia is unique in that it boasts all types of reefs – fringing reefs, barrier reefs, and atolls – on which to dive across the archipelago. Difficulty levels vary enormously from shallow, clear lagoons with little current to deep, open sea pinnacles with crashing waves and powerful currents.
Indonesia has some of the best muck diving spots in the world. The macro photographers can capture some of the unique species at the Lembeh Strait in North Sulawesi.
There are many dive centers in the touristy areas. However, some diving places are much better to explore via Liveaboard like Komodo, the Celebes and Raja Ampat.
The weather conditions vary greatly from place to place so check the conditions in advance. The best time and weather to dive in Indonesia are during the dry season of April to December. But it is generally alright to dive all year round in Indonesia. The worst time to go diving is during the rainy season when the visibility is usually not as good.
Air temperature: 25°C to 35 °C depending on the location and the season
Average Water temperature: ranges from 26°C to 30°C year round, places like Nusa Penida, Komodo islands or Lembeh Strait can be much colder as low as 16°C!
Indonesia is the best for wreck diving and underwater photography. There are so many fabulous dive sites in Indonesia it would take you a lifetime to explore them all. The most popular places to dive in Indonesia are Bali, Gili islands, Manado, Wakatobi, Komodo National Park and Raja Ampat. In terms of biodiversity, the best dive regions are Bunaken Marine Park, near Manado in Sulawesi. And the nearby located Lembeh Strait is widely believed to be the best place in the world for macro life.