Scuba diving Turtles. Dive sites with Turtles

Scuba diving Turtles. Dive sites with Turtles

Scuba diving Turtles are among the best loved of sea-dwelling creatures. It's an amazing experience to come face to face with a sea turtle while diving. With their cute little faces, intricate patterns on their shell and the way they move so gracefully through the water, you'll find yourself mesmerised, dazzled and wanting more. There are seven species of sea turtle: the green, loggerhead, hawksbill, flatback, Kemp's ridley, olive ridley and the leatherback, all of which are listed under the Endangered Species List. Once you come face to face with a turtle you'll quickly find yourself looking for dives so you can hang out with them again. Turtles dive sites | Scuba diving sites with a Turtles dive sites

Shark Point (Hin Musang)

"Shark Point (Hin Musang)" - Corals, Drift Dive, Turtles - Krabi, Phuket, Thailand

The best drift dive site to encounter reef sharks, turtles, octopus and colorful corals.  

El Puertito

"El Puertito" - Turtles - Canary Islands, Spain, Tenerife

Depth Average: 10 m Maximum: 12 m Visibility Average: 10 m Maximum: 30 m Puertito is situated on the Southwest coast of Tenerife. Because of its shallow waters, absence of currents and sandy bottom this dive site is great for beginners. The water is clean with good visibility that ranges between 20-30m/66-98ft. The depth of […]