• Depth avg. 21m
Barracuda, Clownfish (Anemonefish), Corals, Fishes, Lionfish, Molluscs, Nudibranch, Razorfish, Slug, Starfish (sea star)

Diving conditions and the best time to dive "Xin Vinh".

Yearly diving conditions of this dive site - expected air temperature, water temperature, current, and visibility. This data is indicative and based on historical data and observations
Air temperatureWater temperatureVisibilityCurrent
May10 m

1 Dive Centers offer to dive here

Diving to 3 divesites

Below average

Very little to see or enjoy

Average visibility. Depth of the dive 24m. Dive duration 48min. Saw Corals.

- Leandro R.
Cham Island Diving Center

Very good

An interesting dive site worthwile exploring more than once

Average visibility. Depth of the dive 20m. Dive duration 48min. Saw Barracuda, Corals, Clownfish (Anemonefish), Lionfish, Starfish (sea star).

- Leandro C.
Cham Island Diving Center

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