About Us

Scuba Diving Place is a platform for divers made by divers.

  • Suggest the best dive sites and dive centers and find out other divers suggestions.
  • Find dive sites based on your interests and diving experiences and the best corresponding dive centers taking to these sites.
  • Discover destinations through diver's eyes, share your experiences and plan your next adventures with confidence.
It always has been a problem for us before the trip to find out what kind of dive sites are in a particular region and where are the dive centers that dive there. So we put together this website to solve this problem. A website made and maintained by fellow scuba diving enthusiasts. Our goal is to have a website where everyone can:
  • discover dive sites around the world
  • ... based on criteria and info that are important to divers ...
  • ... together with info about dive centers, resorts & liveaboards that offer to dive there.
  • And share their experience and suggestions.
Be part of the community and help to keep all the diving information relative and up to date. Thank you :)