• Depth avg. 17m
  • Current 1 - 2 knots
  • Air / Surface temp. 30 - 32 ℃
  • Bottom / Water temp. 26 - 30 ℃

Diving conditions and the best time to dive "Dibba's Artificial Reefs".

Yearly diving conditions of this dive site - expected air temperature, water temperature, current, and visibility. This data is indicative and based on historical data and observations
Air temperatureWater temperatureVisibilityCurrent
May30℃29℃10 m0 knots
September31℃26℃5 - 10 m1 knots
October31℃29℃5 m1 - 2 knots
November32℃28℃5 - 10 m1 - 2 knots

2 Dive Centers offer to dive here

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United Arab Emirates
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United Arab Emirates

Below average

Very little to see or enjoy

Bad visibility. Depth of the dive 13m. Dive duration 12min.

- Nathan L.
Cheerful Divers


Good enough to explore one time

Average visibility. Depth of the dive 14m. Dive duration 51min.

- Maxim P.
Freestyle Divers

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